Consistency... and Other Synonyms

I’ve come to realize something in the last few months. Consistency is key. And, I could argue that consistency is both a crucial tool and deterrent for almost anyone. Anybody who has been successful in almost any field can tell you this. You need to be consistent. For example, when doctors talk to us about consistency, it sounds something like this:

“Make sure you take these pills every day.” “You need to stretch every day.” “It’s important that you take walks regularly.” “Monitor your caloric intake after every time you have a meal.”

These are simple enough, and I think we all can agree that having a routine can help get more done faster and eventually make us better in the long run. Having things you can count on doing throughout your day can, in a lot of ways, make your day easier.

Now, Imagine (if you have to imagine) that you have a physical disability. And you are getting ready to go out for your weekly trip to the grocery store, or to your physical therapy appointment. After all, consistency is crucial to you, too. As you’re getting ready to leave, you realize that your walker/rollator isn’t locking in an open position the way that it should. The handles that help to keep you upright aren’t as stable after a short time of trying to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Because of this, when you go to the store, you’re struggling to walk through the aisles. Your gait might be more sporadic and you’d probably take a bit longer than you would. People might stare and the even more requests to help that has become yet another certainty you can count on every time you go out to echo more and more.

When you go to physical therapy, you’re tired. And so you don’t do as well as you might have on other days. Your body is tense and aching from the extra strain brought on by the extra weight you have been forced to bear.

Consistency, in the right context, breeds strength and success. But when the equipment you depend on to build strength is weak, you will be unable to show the world and yourself your true capabilities.

That’s a plight I faced for a long time. I still do. Things happen that throw us off course and keep us from being persistent and reaching our goals. That’s why I started this company. To provide consistency. Our products will stand up to the challenge that your busy life brings. These blog posts will act as a regular reminder that there are people out there who are working for you and are in your corner. It’s also a tool for me. To hold me accountable, to keep pushing and to be better every day.

Luckily for me, one thing I don’t have to worry about is my walker. Soon, others won’t have to either.

I think of it this way - A chef needs knives to cook. They wouldn't cook with dull knives. If they did, there’s a good chance they’d have a harder time doing their job to the best of their abilities on a regular basis. Why should a person with a disability, who is committed to living their lives the way they have to and want to, rely on tools that fail them?

They shouldn’t. And soon, they won’t. They’ll be able to focus on what they need to do rather than how they are going to do it. Those who need our products will be able to stand tall knowing they’re supported; by their walker, and by us. Because to get stronger, we all need consistency. That’s what I’m offering.