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this Company was started to fulfill a Single need

It began with one walker for one man. To solve one problem.

That problem was fragility. Not the fragility of myself, but rather the fragility of the walkers that I and many others had to use for one reason or another. They were unable to keep up with an active lifestyle and the rough terrain that comes with winter in New England.

So, over the course of nearly two years I worked with the help of a master fabricator to build a walker that was lighter, stronger and more stable than any other equipment I had used in the past.

Nearly four years later, The walker is still rolling strong. I’ve received countless inquiries and questions about the walker. People telling me how they or someone they know could really benefit from a walker that they could rely on.

We decided to work to make an even better version of the walker for those who need it. It is being designed and tested by someone who has the needs of those who will use it in mind. Me, the founder of this company. After all, I wouldn’t give you something I wouldn’t use myself

More than than that, this company aspires to be a voice that speaks to support those with physical disability, inform others and reduce the stigma of disability.

I want people to feel strong and confident in themselves and their equipment. By doing so, I hope to allow those who are physically disabled to reach their full potential.

I’m excited for what’s to come. I hope you are too!